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Snom initial configuration

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Snom 370

Goal is to create a reliable and secure configuration for inbound calls, where the account is shared with another SIP client (Groundwire).

Login Information

Identity active On
Displayname <empty>
Username 2233XXXXXX
Outbound Proxy;transport=tls
Failover Identity None
Authentication Username <empty>
Mailbox <empty>

SIP Identity Settings

Send hold as inactive Off
Alert Info URL <empty>
Dial-Plan String <empty>
ENUM Support Off
Countrycode 31
Areacode 10
Proxy Require <empty>
Additional supported headers <empty>
Q-Value 1.0
Proposed Expiry 43200
Auto Answer Off
Long SIP-Contact (RFC3840) On
Support broken Registrar Off
Shared Line On
Publish Presence on bootup Off
Send display name on INVITE Off
Extension Monitoring Call Pickup List Off
Extension Monitoring Call Pickup List URI <empty>
Contact List Off
Contact List URI <empty>
Server Type Support Default
Remove all bindings on unregister Off
Subscription Expiry (s) 43200
Failed Subscription Retry Time (s) 30
Enable hook flash Off
Other possible values for "Server Type Support" are:
  • CCM
  • Asterisk
  • Broadsoft
  • MetaSwitch
  • Sylantro
  • Telepo
  • Nortel
  • Teles
  • bria

NAT Identity Settings

Offer ICE On
STUN server (IP-addr:port) <empty>
STUN interval (seconds) <empty>
Keepalive interval (seconds) <empty>

RTP Identity Settings

Codec 1 G.722
Codec 2 G.711a
Codec 3 G.711u
Codec 4 G.726-32
Codec 5 GSM FR
Codec 6 G.729AB
Codec 7 G.723.1
Packet Size 20 ms
Full SDP Answer On
Summetrical RTP Off
RTP Encryption On
Dynamic G.726 payload on
G.726 Byte Order RFC3551
SRTP Auth-tag AES-32
Media Transport Offer UDP
Media Transport Offer Setup Active