To test SIP SIMPLE client SDK (, a set of command line tools are provided by this package for setting up Audio, Instant Messaging (IM) and File Transfer sessions, Publish and Subscribe for presence or other events.

The SIP clients can be used in a terminal window on Linux and MacOSX operating systems.

You need a SIP account from a service provider or to setup your own SIP infrastructure using the following elements:

The following SIP clients are available:

  • sip-settings - Manage the settings used by all clients
  • sip-register - REGISTER a SIP end-point with a SIP Registrar
  • sip-session - Supports multiple Audio, IM and File Transfers sessions
  • sip-audio-session - Setup an Audio session
  • sip-message - Exchange text in page mode using SIP MESSAGE method
  • sip-publish-presence - Publish presence event to a SIP Presence Agent
  • sip-subscribe-winfo - SUBSCRIBE to watcher list on a SIP Presence Agent
  • sip-subscribe-presence - SUBSCRIBE to presence event
  • sip-auto-publish-presence - Publish randomly generated presence event
  • sip-subscribe-rls - SUBSCRIBE to lists managed by a SIP Resource List Server
  • sip-subscribe-xcap-diff - SUBSCRIBE to XCAP resources changes
  • sip-subscribe-mwi - SUBSCRIBE to Message Waiting Indication on a Voicemail server


For detailed information about how to setup and use the command line tools go to