SIP SIMPLE client SDK 1.2.0 released

Added by Adrian Georgescu about 10 years ago

SIP SIMPLE client SDK and command line sipclients version 1.2.0 have been released with bug fixes and improvements.


python-sipsimple (1.2.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • pjsip: updated bundled version to revision 4738
  • pjsip: return base address as ICE transport address
  • Use 101 as the telephone-event payload type
  • Always open file in binary mode for file transfers
  • Accept unicode in SIPURI objects
  • Avoid exceptions in IncomingSubscription.end
  • End session if an unrecoverable error happens in remove_stream
  • Initialize transport to None in MSRPStreamBase.__init__
  • Fixed compile warnings with Cython 0.20
  • Post NetowrkConditionsDidChange if system IP address changes or the DNS
    Manager changes the resolvers
  • Fake ICE gathering states since we might get them too early
  • Use for bonjour when the default IP address is not available

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