SIP SIMPLE client components

SIP SIMPLE client SDK is a Software Development Kit for easy development of SIP multimedia end-points with features beyond VoIP like Video, Chat, File Transfers, Screen Sharing and Presence. Other media types can be easily added by using an extensible high-level API. The SDK consists of several low-level components, Unix command line clients, a GUI client (Blink) and a server application (SylkServer).

Software LICENSE is GPV v3. If you need an alternative license contact AG Projects.


SIP stands for 'Session Initiation Protocol', an IETF standard described by RFC 3261. SIP is an Internet application-layer control protocol that can establish, modify and terminate multimedia sessions such as Internet telephony calls (VoIP). Media can be added to (and removed from) an existing session.

SIP allows the endpoints to negotiate and combine any type of session they mutually understand like Audio, Video, Instant Messaging (IM), File Transfer, Desktop Sharing and provides a generic event notification system with real-time Publications and Subscriptions about state changes that can be used for asynchronous services like Presence, Message Waiting Indicator and Busy Line Appearance.


The SDK has cross platform capabilities on Linux OS, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows. The library should work with minimal changes on any platform that supports C and Python development environments.

Other software using the SDK

Features and Standards implemented by SIP SIMPLE client SDK


The SDK contains multiple components, for easier managment they have been split into multiple sub-projects, each of them with each one issues and roadmap.


  • Developer Guide
  • Installation - how to install SIP SIMPLE client SDK and Command Line Tools
  • Testing - how to test the SDK using the Command Line Tools
  • Contributions - third-party contributions and wiki pages
  • Status - an overview of the achieved milestones and project status


SIP SIMPLE client SDK is developed and supported by AG Projects. AG Projects offers best-effort gratis support for it. "best-effort" means that we try to solve the bugs you report or help fix your problems as soon as we can, subject to available resources.

Support Page - how to request support or contribute to the project


Main authors: Adrian Georgescu, Dan Pascu, Denis Bilenko, Luci Stanescu, Ruud Klaver, Saúl Ibarra, Tijmen de Mes


SIP SIMPLE client SDK has been partly funded by the European Commission under grant number FP7-IST-216217.

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