SIP SIMPLE client SDK version 1.3.0 released

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 10 years ago

python-sipsimple (1.3.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Initialize core from main thread
  • Add AudioStream.recorder property and remove obsolete ones
  • Allow AudioStream.start_recording to be called early
  • Ensure MediaStreamDidEnd is always posted for MSRP streams
  • Fixed cancel_proposal when no streams were proposed
  • Fixed setting proposed streams on hold when holding during a re-INVITE
  • Fixed originator for SIPSessionProposalRejected
  • Fixed pickling for some core objects
  • Fixed compilation with latest Cython version
  • Fixed processing AudioPortDidChangeSlots if bridge was stopped
  • Avoid sending failure reports for MSRP keep-alive chunks
  • Avoid resetting greenlet when session is about to end or cancel a proposal
  • Removed unused tls_timeout configuration parameter
  • pjsip: don't compile libmilenage