SIP SIMPLE client SDK version 1.4.1 released

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 9 years ago

This release contains screen sharing using VNC over MSRP and several bug fixes and improvents.

python-sipsimple (1.4.1)

  • Close external VNC viewer socket when the stream has ended
  • Don't try to set TLS options if there is no default account
  • Increased the connect timeout for external screen sharing handlers

python-sipsimple (1.4.0)

  • Add support for adding/removing multiple streams at once
  • Refactored SDP handling
  • Send re-INVITE after ICE negotiation is done
  • Refactored API for creating screen sharing streams and handlers
  • Enable RTP keep-alive using empty RTP packets
  • Disabled speex codec by default
  • Fixed race condition when saving ICE state
  • Made the VNC handler connection timeout a class attribute
  • Allow the default VNC server and viewer handlers to be configurable
  • Fix closing media transport to avoid leaking STUN sockets
  • Store our Python object in the user_data field of pjmedia_transport
  • Simplified srtp_active property
  • Make ice_active property dynamic
  • Make sure session state and proposed_streams are set to correct values
    when processing proposals
  • Use a shorter timeout for re-INVITEs that need to be answered without user
  • Silence unused-function warning caused by python