SIP SIMPLE client SDK 0.31.1 release

Bug fix release.
Added by Adrian Georgescu over 11 years ago

This release provides bug fixes. One bug caused random high CPU usage, the fix for it is available in the python-eventlib package. Users of Blink Qt and SylkServer on Linux should update these packages to benefit of the bug fixes.

Change Logs

python-sipsimple (0.31.1)

  • Terminate session if a stream fails and can't be removed from the session
  • Removed extended-away state from PIDF extension
  • Fixed setting local hold state after direction was inactive
  • Prevent account's activate/deactivate methods to run at the same time
  • Fixed race conditions when deleting an account
  • Fixed some lintian warnings

sipclients (0.31.1)

  • Fixed variable names in sip-message and sip-audio-session

python-eventlib (0.1.1)

  • Fixed high CPU load caused by improperly handled SSL connections