SIP SIMPLE Client SDK 0.35.0 release

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 11 years ago

There is new release with bug fixes.

python-sipsimple (0.35.0)

  • Added default URI implementation for contacts
  • Added extension to PIDF to include the status type
  • Added ItemCollection settings type
  • Added RuntimeSetting to the configuration framework
  • Publish instance id over Bonjour
  • Refactored bonjour discovery notifications
  • Return SIP Request headers in SIPMessageDidFail and SIPMessageDidSucceed
    notification data
  • Removed unnecessary end method on Message
  • Fixed building XML schemas on all platforms
  • Fixed parsing sip.instance from a REGISTER reply
  • Fixed compilation with Cython 0.19
  • Fixed posting PublicationDidSucceed after a failure
  • Catch ValueError when parsing XML documents

sipclients (0.35.0)

  • Raised python-sipsimple version dependency

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