python-eventlet (0.8.10) unstable; urgency=low

  • based on changeset 628
  • reimplemented coros.BoundedSemaphore using two Semaphores;
    queue(0) should work well as a channel replacement now
  • added 'balance' property to coros.BoundedSemaphore, similar to that of channel's
  • added connDone parameter to twistedutil.protocol.GreenTransportBase.loseConnection()
  • renamed 'sync' argument to 'wait' in write() and loseConnection() methods
    of twistedutil.protocol.GreenTransportBase
  • fixed proc.+all+ to include Source class
  • proc: changed the way links to functions are fired: now Source/Proc instance
    passes itself as a parameter both for "value" and "exception" links.
  • added 'value' property to Source and exc_info() method to access the result and the exception
  • added has_value() and has_exception() to Source
  • added docstring for proc.wrap_errors helper
  • added proc.RunningProcSet class