This script is available in sipclients package that must be installed separately from SIP SIMPLe client SDK package.


SIP protocol offers a discovery capability. If a user wants to initiate a session
with another user, he must discover the current host(s) at which the
destination user is reachable. To do this, SIP network elements consult an
abstract service known as a location service, which provides address
bindings for a particular domain. Registration entails sending a REGISTER
request to a special type of UAS known as a registrar. A registrar acts as
the front end to the location service for a domain, reading and writing
mappings based on the contents of REGISTER requests. This location service
is then typically consulted by a proxy server that is responsible for
routing requests for that domain.

This script implements REGISTER method, which registers the contact (ip, port and transport) for a given address of record (SIP address).

adigeo@ag-imac3:~$sip-register -h
Usage: sip-register [options]

This script will register a SIP account to a SIP registrar and refresh it
while the program is running. When Ctrl+D is pressed it will unregister.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a ACCOUNT_NAME, --account-name=ACCOUNT_NAME
                        The account name from which to read account settings.
                        Corresponds to section Account_NAME in the
                        configuration file.
  -s, --trace-sip       Dump the raw contents of incoming and outgoing SIP
                        messages (disabled by default).
  -j, --trace-pjsip     Print PJSIP logging output (disabled by default).
  -r MAX_REGISTERS, --max-registers=MAX_REGISTERS
                        Max number of REGISTERs sent (default 1, set to 0 for


Using account
Registration succeeded at;transport=udp.
Contact: sip:xqdwrctb@ (expires in 600 seconds).
Other registered contacts:
  sip:31208005169@ (expires in 262 seconds)
  sip:31208005169@;line=634g6j67 (expires in 360 seconds)
  sip:31208005169@;uniq=5B2860C44383A3D6705629A7E1FB8 (expires in 734 seconds)
Registration ended: 200 OK.